Sisu 2023

One of the biggest attractions of Sisu is its star-studded cast. The lead actor is none other than Mark Strong, who is renowned for his work in movies such as Shazam, Kingsman, and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. In Sisu, he plays the role of a father who embarks on a dangerous journey to save his son.

Other notable actors who feature in the movie include Andrea Riseborough, who plays Mark Strong’s wife, Daniel Mays, who plays a supporting role as a police officer, and Johnny Harris, who portrays the main antagonist.


The plot of Sisu is based on a real-life event that occurred in Finland in 2010. The story follows a father who sets out to find his kidnapped son, who has been taken by a gang of criminals. Along the way, he encounters several obstacles and faces great danger, but his determination and love for his son drive him forward.


The director of Sisu is an accomplished filmmaker named Jalmari Helander. He is known for his work on movies such as Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale and Big Game. Helander has a unique style of storytelling that is both gripping and visually stunning, and we can expect nothing less from Sisu.

Release Date

Sisu is scheduled to release in the UK on March 25, 2022. The movie is expected to be a major box office hit and will undoubtedly be a must-watch for movie lovers worldwide.

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