Renfield 2023

“Renfield”: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything Else We Know

“Renfield” is an upcoming horror movie that promises to be a fresh take on the classic Dracula story. Fans of horror movies and the vampire genre are eagerly waiting for news on the release date, cast, plot, and other details. Here’s everything we know so far:


“Renfield” follows the story of R.M. Renfield, a character from the original Dracula novel who is typically portrayed as an insane asylum inmate under the influence of the vampire. In this movie, Renfield is portrayed as a young man who becomes trapped in the clutches of Dracula, played by Nicolas Cage, and becomes his loyal follower. As Renfield becomes more deeply entrenched in Dracula’s world, he must grapple with his own sanity and sense of morality.


The cast of “Renfield” features a talented group of actors, including Nicolas Cage as Dracula, Nicholas Hoult as Renfield, and Anya Taylor-Joy as the female lead. The supporting cast includes Willem Dafoe, Tony Hale, and more.

Release Date

“Renfield” is currently in production, with no official release date announced yet. However, rumors suggest that the movie could be released in late 2022 or early 2023.

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